April 10, 2008

I'm a real boy!

I'm sure many mothers have this issue; not accepting the fact that your baby is now a toddler. Alex will always be my baby boy and I literally was avoiding the issue of him becoming a real toddler. I was avoiding it so badly that his hair was so long. Everyone was telling me, "Cut his hair! It's really long! He can hardly see because the hair is covering his eyes!" Nah, it's fine!
One morning as he was eating his pancakes with maple syrup, I finally noticed that his hair was indeed too long. How did I open my eyes to the truth? He ran his maple fulled hands through his hair and it was sticking up in many places. Time to get a hair cut.
Jason and I took him to a cute little place in San Dimas where they specialize in kids hair cuts. Inside the place it is filled with many toys. Then they have cute little barber seats with cute little minature aprons that they tie around their cute little necks. I knew that Alex needed a real boys hair cut so I basically said, cut it off and make him look even more precious.

Poof, my little baby is now a real boy. :(