April 09, 2007

Stupid DNA trait

I cannot wait for this stupid cold season to be gone for awhile. Jason comes home from working at Citrus with a stuffy nose and a headache. Great, Alex is going to get sick and then I will get sick. Yup Alex gets sick but this time he has a horrible cough. I take him to the Doctor's and he checks his ears out and says they are clean and there's no infection. So I ask what should I give him for his cough and he says Pedicare. Two weeks go by and he still has the horrible cough except this time there's a bit of a wheezing sound. I suspect the worse and I schedule an appointment to get it checked out. I know what the doctor is going to tell me so I'm expecting to hear, he has Asthma.
Doctor Shah walks in, listens to his chest and asks, "Does someone smoke around him?" I answer no, no one does. Then he asks, "Does someone has Asthma?" My heart sinks. I raise my guilty hand and he says, "I don't think he has Asthma, it's brochititis but I'm going to call it Asthmatic Bronchititis". I feel like a ton of bricks hit me at once the word "GUILTY" is stamped right across my forehead. I'm a horrible mother, I gave him Asthma. My stupid ugly DNA gave my son Asthma. Why didn't he get my flat butt? I think he would have an easier time dealing with a flat butt rather than Asthma. Jason tries to console me as much as he can but I still feel so bad. Stupid DNA.


Blogger Ryan or Kara said...

Yay, you blogged! Hopefully he'll outgrow the asthma. Alex is definately a cutie.

8:26 PM


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