August 02, 2006

It is on TV

20 weeks have gone by and I'm feeling pretty good. The tummy is growing, my appetite is back and the once butterfly movements I felt are now turning into good little kicks. I love being pregnant and I love feeling my baby move inside of me. Now for the room, should it be pink or blue? I tell people I don't care what it is, I just want it to be healthy. I love it and yes it's true I want it to be healthy but I really hope it is a boy. I want Jason to have a companion in his life, his little buddy and I want my dad, Gilbert, to finally have his boy he has been waiting for his entire life. We begin in 1975, my dad is pacing the green linoleum floors in his bell bottom pants at St. Francis in Lynwood, Ca. The doctor comes out and says, "a huge wopping 9lb baby girl is born". It's a girl and she shall be called Raquel. 1981, the now bell bottom pants are replaced with tight blue jeans with a tight OP shirt. He receives the good news. Your wife is ready for you now, put on the scrubs and let's have a baby. After pushing for about a half hour the doctor says, Mr. Hill, congratulations, it's a girl. Oh boy or in the case oh girl it's another girl. 1987, my poor mom is wobbling back and forth, the worst pregnancy she's ever had and she has to have a C-section. Off to East LA hospital to split her open to find out if finally we will get our little Gilbert we have been hoping for. Dad is sweating in his green scrubs anticipating if he should buy a baseball glove or a Barbie. He hears the doctor's voice on the other side of the partician and he says, "Mr and Mrs Hill, it's a girl and she's a big one! Dad looks at mom and says that's it, no more.
So needless to say, Dad needs his little man to throw ball with, to take to the Nascar races and to sit down and talk about the huge issues a little boy will go through. Today is the day where my dad will either be getting a blue truck toy or a pink doll.
We stroll into the radiology department with our entourage, my mom, my grandma and Jason's mom. We pay our fees and we sit in the waiting room all of us full of energy and happiness. The Nurse calls us in and all 5 of us stand up. She asks, "Are you all together?" And I say, "yep it's all 5 of us."

We go into a dark room with all sorts of machines around us. The room looked like you could build your own personal terminator and you can actually choose which accent the terminator should have. I lay down on the bed and I pull up my Baby Love white shirt and pull down my baby blue sweat pants. I start to think, if it's a boy how should I tell my dad? If it's a girl should I still tell my dad? The nurse squeezes out KY jelly on my swelling belly and says "Let's begin"
I stare at the 10" monitor that is in front of me and suddenly the black image turns into a snowy black and white weird triangle shape like image. Boom, we see a head and body. "There it is, hi it!" I say outloud. She measures the head and body and says nothing. "Is it ok?" I ask. She stares at her monitor and says, "I can't say anything, your doctor will let you know." Great, it could have 3 arms, pointy ears, googly eyes and a parkeet nose. Let's hope for the best.
As she does her measurements she finally shows us its arms, legs and back. Ok, it looks normal.

We all can breathe again and enjoy the show. Then the moment comes. She asks, "Do you want to know the sex?" Both Jason and I exclaim "YES!" She searches and searches and then she stops. She draws a circle around the special place and asks Jason, "Ok Jason, what do you see there?" My loving husband stares into the monitor with his mouth wide open. You could clearly see the sex and I was so happy and so was my husband. Jason is unable to speak so I ask, "Is it a boy?" and the nurse smiles and says, "Yes it is." The room explodes into laughter and happiness. Yes, it's a boy! Finally a boy and I got what I had wished for. My mother hugs my mother-in-law, grandma starts crying and Jason is still staring at the monitor. I can't wait to tell my dad.
After the appointment, I rush to Target to look for a toy so I could wrap it up and give it to my dad. I find the cutest blue truck and I hurry home to wrap it up. I place the toy in a girlish gift bag hoping to make my dad think it is a girl. We arrive at my parents and I immediatly tell my dad, "Daddy, I have a gift for you. In this bag you will find an item that will let you know what Jason and I are having." He smiles, takes one tissue out, folds it nicely in half then another half until it's a perfect square, takes the second tissue out and folds it just like the first tissue. "Dad, hurry up, I'm dying to know!" says my sister. He laughs and he reaches in and pulls out the truck. The look on his face will never escape my mind. He smiles, then screams and says, "Finally I get my boy!" We all hug and laugh. It will always be with me that I finally made my dad's dream come true.


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